What is a Success Brand and why does it matter to your business?

What is a Success Brand and why does it matter to your business?
May 24, 2020 by Jenny Poff

‘Brand’ isn’t just a logo – it’s how your business is represented, delivered, and experienced by your clients. It’s all the pieces of the business puzzle wrapped into one strong representation – your brand. Your logo is the mark that connects all those pieces together and having a Brand Standards Guide outlined for your team will help keep that consistency strong.

A solid brand influences the perception your clients (and prospects) have on your business. The more polished, true, and accurate your brand represents – the more your ideal clients are attracted to your business offerings.

When you don’t have massive marketing budgets, it’s crucial to stay focused on not producing a variety of marketing pieces that don’t look anything alike from each other. Consider those pieces victims of “online sales, freebies, and knee-jerk reactions”. They are perceived as unprofessional and have a direct reflection on the type of sales person you are, and who wants that?

Your brand is your logo, your messaging, your reputation.

  • Consistency helps manage perceptions.
  • Consistency sets clear expectations.
  • Consistency eases confusion between competitors.
  • Consistency strengthens your assets.


A good solid brand doesn’t happen overnight, but if you take small strategic steps during the startup and initial growth of your business – the stronger your brand will become over the course of your business development. One tool that helps along with this process is having a “Brand Standards Guide” that outlines the basics of your visual elements, writing styles, and templates that are strategically made for your business communication goals. This tool grows and evolves over time, but to start this from the beginning, the easier it will be to add more services, products, tools for your sales team, and empower cross-selling.

Below are a couple of great articles if you want to dig in more:

> How you treat your employees is a part of your brand image
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I’ve heard over the years, clients getting tired of using the same colors, they think they are over saturating the market with sameness – but just when you think you need to change it up, means that you have just started connecting with your target audience. Brand awareness takes at least 2-3 years (5 at its best).

Small Business Trends, Jenny Poff, Erie, PA

When you’re marketing materials have a uniform, polished look that represents your business values, services, and culture – the impression your brand makes on your target audience will make a bigger impact and the audience will remember your brand first when it’s time for them to make the purchase.

Your brand isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Not everyone needs your services, but the ones that do will become your biggest fans. Craft your messaging and cater to your ideal clients – the results will make your clients feel like you’re talking directly to them making their decision personal and not just business. Your business helps improve their personal lives, so get personal in your marketing.

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