7 Tips to #FightFear as an Entrepreneur

7 Tips to #FightFear as an Entrepreneur
April 29, 2020 by Jenny Poff

Being a business owner can be rewarding and terrifying. Make time to celebrate your successes and build your first aid kit to fight fear when growing gets tough.

I was a guest speaker at Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State Behrend and gave my favorite presentation, “Fighting Fear as an Entrepreneur” – here are my favorite 7 F-words to help #FightFear when building your career and business.

An Entrepreneur is defined as having the mindset of being willing to take a risk to generate profit. Taking risks can be terrifying, how do you empower yourself to fight fear when taking risks to generate profit to grow your business?

Through my journey, I’ve had to fight fear and take big risks to build a business and personal life that I love.

Working with business owners, I’ve seen first-hand how branding yourself evokes FEAR. It’s intimidating and often holds you back from executing incredible ideas. I get sad thinking about all the incredible ideas that are lost because of FEAR.

Why does fear hold us back? Here are my seven F-words that often hold us back of growth:

  1. Failure
  2. Financial
  3. Feast & Famine Cycles
  4. Coming off as Fake
  5. Floating, being stagnant
  6. Fading Away from exhaustion
  7. Fragile

“If you want to reach a goal, you must see reaching it in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” – Zig Ziglar

7 tips to help you take Fear by the horns.

  1. Focus: Define your dream. What would make you happy? What do you really want in your business?
  2. Foster: Once you have your dream defined, don’t be afraid; embrace your inner confidence and own it.
  3. Faith & Fly: “Let go, and let God.” Let go of what others think, believe in yourself, and your ability to be a successful business owner. You can do anything you set your mind to.
  4. Be fearless: Don’t be afraid to fail. Failing isn’t a person, it’s just a mistake. You are not a failure.
  5. Feedback: Accept the mistakes and learn from them. Make it better next time and don’t quit.
  6. Flexible: Remember, it’s progress, not perfection. Keep moving forward and know its ok if your plan has to be adjusted along the way.
  7. Fabulous: You are incredible, your ideas matter, your skills and what you can deliver MATTER. But no one will know your awesomeness unless you’re willing to fight fear and take action.

My ask of you:

For me – my first aid kit to fight fear and what motivates me most, are my daughters. To see how they want to volunteer, to make a difference, to inspire, to lead, to implement, to empower – makes me so proud knowing that they are going to be incredible women in this universe. Don’t you want to be incredible? Don’t you want your children to be incredible? Teach them to #fightfear.

If you have a flame inside, something your passionate about, take that torch and hit the ground running, own your brightness, don’t let others judge you or bring you down. Don’t let life events make your passion fall flat. Take those negatives – learn from them, embrace them, mourn them, but then get your big girl pants on and live!

Don’t forget the power pose! Here are 2 poses that you must do when fear is starting to take hold and you need courage and confidence. Get your big girl pants on!

Pose #1: Super Woman –  feet apart, hands on your hips, straighten your posture, take a deep breath, and don’t forget your power smile!

Pose #2: Victory Pose – feet part, straighten your posture, take a deep breath, and raise your hands up – YOU DID IT!!!

If she can do it, so can you! Watch this video of a little girl fighting her fear of going down a bigger ski mountain for the first time. Hear how she’s talking herself through the hurdles and then “lets go”. Make sure to watch for the power pose at the end of the video.

To all the business owners, aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs — anyone! You’re ideas matter, you can do great things! Just do your research, set S.M.A.R.T. goals, have an accountability partner to help you through the stages, and own your awesomeness!

Go and FightFear!


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