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Helping Businesses Grow Smart with Marketing Solutions.

Helping Businesses Grow Smart with Marketing Solutions.

Innovative Marketing Strategies for Growing Businesses

Part business ninjas, part creative marketing mavens and part art directors, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes, strategy and design in place to jenerate success (see what we did there?). From creating strategic marketing plans and executing time-based projects, to securing long-term or part-time outsourced marketing services, we align our creative tactics with your internal capacities to help your business thrive. 

Strategic Marketing Plans

We craft strategic marketing plans designed to help your company optimize from the inside out, build consistency, and keep you accountable for smart business growth. With our proprietary consultative process, we help align your business, your customers, your brand, and your budget into a comprehensive strategic roadmap that generates results.

Outsourced CMO Services

We serve as your out-of-house Chief Marketing Officer and marketing department that maximizes your marketing by overseeing it from start to finish. We execute your strategic marketing plans, manage marketing budgets, vendors, art direction, production, and project management to help your business grow smart.

Creative Advertising

Our expert creative team brings your ideas and marketing programs to life! Designing sales materials, email marketing campaigns, websites, digital advertising and media buys, all to align multi-channel marketing to drive growth, builds trust, spreads awareness, generate leads, and increase revenue.

Agency Jen, Outsourced Marketing Services

Jenerate New Business with Smart Marketing

Are you ready to get started but not sure where to start? Let's schedule a chat to see where you need the best marketing support, and together we'll jenerate (see what we did there?) incredible ideas to help you grow smart!

Agency Jen has one purpose: to help grow your business. Part business ninja, part creative marketing maven, and part art director, we look at your entire organization to ensure you have the processes and strategy in place to jenerate success.

Helping Youth Develop Career Paths

Helping Youth Develop Career Paths

I am fortunate enough to be a part of an awesome initiative in Erie to prepare students for entering the workplace. Career Street is a comprehensive...

Bulk Direct Mail: To Pak or Not to Pak

Bulk Direct Mail: To Pak or Not to Pak

What I am talking about in particular here is BULK direct mail; the provider I used is ValPak. Consumers receive their popular blue envelope in the...

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